41 Top Under the Table Jobs – Quick Cash

By: Jeff Gitlen

41 Top Under the Table Jobs – Quick Cash

How To Find Under The Table Jobs That Pays Cash Quickly

Once you decide to take the leap, you’ll want to know how to make money under the table. First, you must establish the different ways to find jobs that pay cash under the table. Cash Paying Jobs.

The best platform for job search opportunities to make money under the table is the internet. With the added benefit of same-day pay jobs online. This means you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home! The hours are also flexible, allowing you to keep making money under the table as a side hustle.

Websites such as Fiverr or Taskrabbit are excellent places to start. They can provide fitting gigs for quick cash. Additional searches for “ paid gigs near me “ might lead you to Hoobly and the pioneer Craigslist. The primary bonus of these websites is the swiftness of revenue generation.

Another approach might be having resourceful connections. These might save the extra time you’d spend surfing the internet for the right opening. Start by looking around your neighborhood or even your household. Someone might know someone who could provide you with the right gig. Gig Sites.

Make sure to identify your skillset. This will help narrow down your search. It will also add the benefit of landing a job that pays you cash actually like doing. Even though it’s valued, the experience isn’t a deciding factor for working some of the best under-the-table jobs.

 Under The Table Jobs: Pay Cash Instantly

The ease of an under-the-table job is getting paid in cash. This saves you from transactions and bank accounts. Particularly if you’re not old enough to have a bank account, age won’t limit a person’s opportunities.

The notable question is – is getting paid under the table legal?

The thing with getting paid in cash is that the money can’t be traced by the government. So, you won’t be charged with taxes. This could be easily mistaken as a legal opportunity to not pay taxes. Which, as appealing as it sounds, is entirely erroneous. Pay Taxes.

Your revenue may be “off the radar,” but you must report your income to the government. Additionally, your employer will provide a 1099-MISC for a grander payment. Just because your income can’t be detected doesn’t mean it wasn’t earned.

Consider contacting a tax professional to understand how to manage personal finance.

Ways To Make Money Under The Table Jobs That Pay Cash Quickly

Moving on, let’s get to the juicy stuff. Below is a list of the best under-the-table jobs. They mainly require only basic skills and the least amount of effort.

 1) Babysitting

Saturday nights are date nights for most couples. But who’s going to watch the kids? This is where you save the day. Babysitting doesn’t require much effort on your part. All you need to make sure of is the safety and well-being of an adolescent. Which, in most cases, isn’t too much work.

Most babysitting jobs pay cash by the hour!

 2) House Sitter

If you thought babysitting was easy, would you believe it if I told you there was something even easier? Housesitting is getting paid to stay in someone’s house. It is a safety measure taken by people whose job description or routine doesn’t allow them to stay in much. Due to this, they prefer not to leave it empty for extended periods.

All that is required on your end is to stay in the house for a specified time. That’s it! That’s all that needs to be done by you to get paid!

 3) Construction Worker

If sitting idle or doing desk jobs are not your strong feat, manual labor is a good option. Out of all the odd jobs that pay cash under the table, the highest-paid ones are construction workers.

Another incentive is getting paid cash on the spot. What you’ll need for this particular job are stamina and muscle. Although this might seem tiresome, in the end, it will be worth the effort.

4) Income Tax Preparation

As a tax preparer, you’ll be working on general tax forms. Some basic knowledge of tax preparation and a PTIN (prepare tax identification number) is required. Both of these things are easily attainable. Once you build a clientele, you can swiftly generate revenue.

The good part is the lack of licensing. The PTIN isn’t a license, and any additional ones aren’t required either. Your job would be to file, prepare and assist with the taxes.

Ways to Make Money From Home

This one is for all the lazy money makers or introverts who need cash but find it difficult to leave their home’s comfort. The good thing about working from home is the time it saves. The snags of getting out of bed and journeying to your workplace can also be efficiently avoided.

5) RENT Out Your Room

The minimum amount of effort you need to put into renting out your room is not subtle. This is hands down the most efficient way to earn money without the hustle. However, it does compromise one’s privacy.

The choice simply depends on your priorities. If you’re comfortable with letting a stranger into your home, then there isn’t a better way to make cash than this.

6) Make and Sell Stuff Online

This skill-based task is an opportunity net worth taking for creative people. The public prefers handmade and organic goods over store-bought ones. If you’re good at making something, start by advertising among friends.

Later on, you can create an internet-based clientele. The more people see your product, the more they’ll be tempted to buy it. You could eventually expand your business. This could include contracting a manufacturer for large-scale production.

Under The Table Cleaning Jobs

If you’re a neat freak, you’ve got all the experience required for these types of jobs. It should be noted that cleaning is an essential life skill. It doesn’t require any special training or workshops.

Where cleanliness is significant for one’s survival, it can also make money under the table. If you’re consistent in your initial efforts, you might attain a good reputation. This could allow you to expand your side hustle into a business.

7) House or Office Cleaning

Although the job requires manual labor and extended hours, it is one of the best under-the-table jobs. You could receive up to 20$ per hour!

Sign up on cleaning apps or ask around for an opening. Most people would love to hire a cleaner and get rid of the hassle of doing it themselves.

8) Cleaning Windows

Window cleaning is infamous among jobs that pay cash on the spot. The opportunity may arise several times a year, especially during the holiday season. You should get yourself a window wiper and a ladder for this one. If you do a good enough job, you might get referred as well. The shinier the windows, the brighter your chances for more gigs!

9) Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning may be a relatively tedious task. The workforce required for scrubbing off those stubborn stains takes its toll on the cleaner. But, like all cleaning jobs, it does pay well. To save yourself the effort, you could get portable steam cleaners or quality detergent as a low-investment alternative.

10) Home Organization

A less labor-intensive option would be a home organization job. For those of you who’ve got a good aesthetic sense, this is an appropriate way of working under the table.

The home organization mostly requires decluttering, re-arranging, and proper compartmentalization. You could either organize the whole house or opt for a particular portion of the house. This depends on the amount of time you can give to the job.

Home organizers are generally preferred due to all the skills. New homeowners who have no idea where, to begin with are the target audience.

11) Tour Guide And Interpreter

If you live at a location frequently visited by tourists, you’re in luck. This means you’re literally sitting on a job opportunity. The main reason why people prefer a tour guide is for the premium experience. Natives tend to know the spots worth visiting and the cheapest rates for buying things.

Moreover, they know the local language. This creates another source of income if you’re bilingual. Tourists tend to prefer bilingual tour guides for interpretation purposes.

Ways To Make Money In Winter

Winters might be cold and unforgiving, but the job opportunities are worth the discomfort! The most common are given below.

While snow might be a nuisance to the public, it will come as an opportunity for you. Snow removal. Snow shoveling is one of the more straightforward jobs that pay cash under the table.

Although it does have the limitation of being available only in a particular season. Seasonal job. The plus point is the absolute demand for the task.

Everyone who owns a car needs to get it shoveled. With enough practice and the proper technique, you can quickly become an expert in the task.

Ways to Make Money In Summer

Summers are the perfect time to opt for working under the table. They come with the added benefit of longer days and vacations.

13) Yard Work and Landscaping

Landscaping and yard work usually don’t require a lot of skill. What they do need are proper tools and ancillary supplies.

You could work around your neighbor’s yards for initial experience before expanding your work to other parts of town.

14) Mow Lawns

Summer is the perfect time to maintain gardens. As appealing as it looks, a lawn requires constant upkeep. Most people find the task tedious and effort-consuming.

Hence, they tend to employ people to do it for them. You could easily mow lawns with a lawnmower.

Most people already have lawnmowers. This will save you extra money investment. Save more money.

Lawn mowing is not a time-consuming task either, making it among the top jobs that pay cash on the spot.

15) Power Washing

You might need a power washer for this one. These tend to be expensive. You could also choose to rent one out. You could advertise your services online, or you could use flyers. Sticking them into the windshields of your neighborhood cars might target the audience better.

You could also contact your local car wash service provider for opportunities. Contact details.

16) Car Washing

Car washing is one of the best under-the-table paying jobs. A car wash typically takes half an hour to an hour. This is ideal for you if you need jobs that pay on the spot and quickly.

Although the job will not guarantee a large inflow of cash, it is better than nothing. Favorably, the investment is close to nothing; a rag and bucket will be good enough.

17) Painting

Having an artistic flourish is a gift. One that you could use to make money under the table. You can start by conducting a small street exhibition in your neighborhood. Another way to showcase your talent would be to post your artwork online. A blog or an Instagram account dedicated to your artistic talents would work.

Once you build a clientele, you could easily start selling your work for a more desirable price!

Make Money Teaching Technology

Teaching people how to use current technology is one of the best under-the-table jobs. With the exceeding trend shifts towards technology, more people want to get the hang of it. This is a great way to make money under the table if you’re a tech geek.

18) Online or In-person Tutoring

You could either go for an on-hand teaching method or online teaching. While the former will be beneficial for the customer, the latter will suit you more. Either way, this job doesn’t require manual labor and is one of the top-tier jobs that pay under the table.

Because they are the topics that most students struggle with, those areas are likely to pay the most for tutoring. Working as a tutor allows you to very much establish your own hours and eliminates the requirement for an office. It’s low-cost employment with little competition because there will only be a limited number of people with these teachable talents in your area.

19) Replace the Phone Screen

A basic idea of cellphones’ structure and some experimentation with old phones will give you the skills to make this a source of income. You’ll need a mini screwdriver set and pliers for this.

Once you get the hang of the technique, teaching it will be a piece of cake. However, you should consider taking a short course yourself first to perfect your methods.

20) Technology Consultant

Advising people about information technology (IT) is an excellent way of working under the table. What you need is a computer-related background, a degree preferably. You should also be on top of all the new technology trends. Since your job is to make IT-related suggestions, it’s essential to provide a variety of options.

21) Building Website

As intimidating as it sounds, web development has now become an easy task. All thanks to third-party apps. All you’ll need to do is sign up in the cash app, customize the themes, and it’s good to go!

Popular web developing apps include WordPress.

Considering how many local businesses have started depending upon the internet, finding a client won’t be difficult. You could quickly charge them more than a hundred dollars!

22) Freelance writer

Freelance Writing. Anyone with a laptop and basic grammar can create content. The convenience and flexible hours easily make it one of the best under-the-table jobs.

Start by looking online for websites that require content writers. Head up to social media and advertise your skills. Post your services on local Facebook groups. You could even contact friends and family to look for a source.

23) Online transcriptionist

Transcription is a good way to make money under the table. The job typically embraces listening to audio and typing it out. You’ll receive the audio file and turn it into text. This online job doesn’t even require you to have good grammar!

Online transcription gigs can easily be found on websites like Fiverr. Just make an account and offer your services!

24) Social Media Marketer

The larger the online business, the more complex the management of its social media accounts. Such companies mostly require a person to manage these accounts for them. This entails keeping them up-to-date and running. You could easily land one of these jobs that pay under the table. Facebook marketplace.

Craigslist and Fiverr may be your best options when finding the best jobs that pay under the table.

Ways to Make Money with Pets

Pets are endearing little furry creatures. Their abundance in households these days can’t be ignored. You could easily create opportunities here as these are jobs that pay cash on the spot.

25) Pet Sitting

Most people have jobs and schedules to tend to. Leaving a pet alone at home doesn’t seem suitable.

Pet sitting consists of making sure the animal is fed on time and doesn’t put itself in danger. This is one of the minimum-effort jobs best suited to pet lovers.

These jobs pay by the hour. You could ask around your neighborhood or put up ads offering your services.

26) Dog Walking

Some lazy dog owners prefer to have someone else walk their dogs. The pet’s health necessitates routine walks and sufficient exercise. Once you become acquainted with the animals, you can walk multiple dogs at a time. This is one of the best under-the-table jobs out there.

Hobbies that Make Money

The good thing about doing something you love is that you don’t get tired of it. Especially if there’s the added monetary benefit, consider turning your hobby into a job. The edge you get is that you’re probably already good at it and have fun doing it too.

27) Photography

Photography is a skill that is highly in demand—courtesy of the onslaught of blogging and social media trends. Now everyone wants the best Instagram feed. People like to get coverage of all the essential events in their lives. Weddings, Birthdays, Baby showers, and whatnot.

If you’ve got decent camera and editing skills, you’ll land jobs that pay cash under the table.

28) DJ

Music Skills. If music is your talent and you’ve got the knack for making it yourself, this could be one of the best under-the-table jobs.

An investment may be required for the equipment. But if you’re passionate about music, you might already own some.

You could get gigs at weekends for house parties and birthdays. This could also lead to your break into a full-time income music career!

29) Performer

Performance is a vast field. It entails showcasing your talents in front of a live audience. You could do anything from singing and dancing to stand-up comedy. You could perform at local events or even start performing on the streets and earn cash from bystanders.

30) Sports Instructor

If you’re athletically gifted, try your hand at becoming a sports instructor. You could either go for one specific sport or overall instruction. The perk is that it allows you to stay fit on top of earning cash.

Try placing ads to attract teams or open your own small-scale academy.  You could also go to teach people at their homes and charge extra! Home Jobs.

31) Tailor and Seamstress

If you’re good at sewing and tailoring, this is the proper gig for you. You could offer to fix people’s clothes or design them. The designing part of this job will definitely pay good money. If people like your skills, you’ll get recommended to others as well. You’ll need a sewing machine for this one.

Offering your skills at a local apparel store is a good idea to get more clients.

32) Personal Trainer

If you like fitness training and staying in shape yourself, this could be a great way to make money under the table.

Head over to your local gym and place an ad. You’ll be able to target your audience better there. You could also set up social media pages and your own website. Posting your own fitness journey will be an excellent way to advertise your set of skills.

Part-Time Under the Table Jobs

The most significant benefit of getting an under-the-table job is flexibility. You don’t need to do it full-time. The hours are adjustable, and you can keep it as a side hustle with your full-time career.

 33) Personal Assistant

Many business owners require personal assistants. This is to manage their schedules, set up meetings, attend phone calls, etc. You need to be good at shorthand typing and have communication skills.

Contact local companies and business owners and request to get paid in cash.

Jobs that Pay Cash on the Spot

The most satisfying form of payment is getting cash on the spot. Some easy jobs for this are :

34) People Driving Services

If you’ve got a driver’s license, you’re good to go. The perk is getting paid as soon as your ride ends. You could get multiple gigs and could work on your own time as well. This is one of the best under-the-table jobs considering the hours and services.

35) Handyman Service

If you’ve got a knack for fixing things, you could easily provide your services to make extra income or extra cash.  All you need to do is fix what’s broken.

These jobs are easy to find, and most people would be relieved to find someone to upholster a sofa or restore a broken chair leg. A hammer here and a nail there could easily make you decent money working under the table.

36) Repairman

Repairmen jobs are the most abundant among jobs that pay under the table. Wear and tear in a house are common occurrences. The market is vast enough for you to land yourself a sink to fix or a window to repair in your own neighborhood.

Get yourself basic tools like hammers and a screwdriver set, and you’ll be a pro!

37) Barber and hairstylist

Anyone who has hair needs a haircut. So, if you know the art of a decent haircut, you’re in luck! There is a whole clientele waiting to be serviced. You could start a home-based hairdresser shop.

Alternatively, you could go to people’s houses to provide your services. This could be used to charge extra! You could easily land a permanent client if you’re good enough.

38) Junk and Scrap Hauler

Junk and scrap hauling are some of the simpler jobs that pay cash on the spot. All you need to do is go around your neighborhood and look for any scraps and junk. Collect them and bring them to the junkyard. You usually get paid by the weight of scrap you provide.

The simple nature of the task makes it one of the best under-the-table jobs out there.

39) Banquet Jobs

If your communication and event planning skills are top-notch, consider getting banquet jobs. You’ll have to make sure the event runs without any glitches and manage the tables and settings.

You get the opportunity of working as a team and get exposure as well!

Head over to your local banquet to offer services, and you’ll get hired in no time.

40) Moving Services

If you’ve got a big enough vehicle, there is an opportunity for an under-the-table moving service. You’ll have to find people who plan on moving to another place and offer to shift their cargo for them. Delivery jobs.

This is a good job to make some on-the-spot cash.

41) Day Labor

You don’t have a particular set of skills but still want some cash flow, you should try day labor jobs. The benefit here Is zero requirement of experience and skill. What you need are strength and time.

These jobs utilize manpower to get tasks done. They usually pay at the end of the day. So, you get to take something home daily.

Best Under the Table Jobs That Pay Cash Summary

Overall, under-the-table jobs are a prodigious income source for less experienced people who need swift cash. Although some of these jobs don’t pay as much as conventional ones, they should be considered.

They tend to be a good way to achieve financial independence as a young person or someone who doesn’t have a formal education. Staying consistent and focused might actually lead to a full-time career in your job of choice.

The factors that make more jobs appealing include the fast-flowing cash. Most of these are easy, not very tedious, or time-consuming.

Remember to work your taxes to ensure the legality and save yourself the trouble in case of auditing!

Under the Table Jobs For The Disabled

If your health limits your cash earnings opportunities, you should consider working online. Many of the above-stated jobs can easily be done from home. A few examples include content writing, transcriptions, and building a website.

So don’t let your disability prevent you from achieving a livelihood!

How to Find Under the Table Jobs on Craigslist

Craigslist works simply by posting recent gigs. You can select one of your choosing by replying through a phone or blind-box email.


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