Why should you pick a direct lender with a state license?

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Verify the information with your state regulator or attorney general to see whether a payday lender is authorized to operate in your state.

Payday lending is not permitted in all states. Some states allow payday lending while requiring licenses for lenders. A payday loan may be invalid in several areas if it is provided by a company not authorized to operate there. In such a case, the lender may not have the authority to demand that the borrower return the payday loan.

What are the reasons to go with a Direct Mortgage Lender rather than a Broker?

Choosing between dealing with a mortgage broker and a lender (sometimes referred to as a direct lender) is one of the many home financing alternatives available today. But how do you know which is best for you?

To assist you in deciding which of the two is the best match for your requirements, let’s compare and contrast mortgage brokers and lenders.

What is the difference between Direct Lenders and Mortgage Brokers?

The main distinctions between a mortgage broker and a lender are who really does the job, who you will speak with directly, and how long it takes to complete the deal.

Going straight to the source is possible with a direct lender. In many instances, the individual who reviews your application also acts as your primary point of contact moving forward.

When using a mortgage broker, communication is less efficient, and you may not always be able to speak with the individuals making choices about the home-buying process.

Additionally, because robots can do some of the labor you would otherwise have to do yourself, using digital direct lenders may help you save even more time, money, and effort. Using digital technologies may result in quicker loan processing times or a greater likelihood of locating the ideal house.

What is a Direct Mortgage Lender?

An actual direct mortgage lender is just that—direct. A direct lender handles all this internally rather than through a middleman to identify the best lender and service your loan. A direct lender is your one-stop shop for everything related to house loans, from checking your credit to disbursing the last check.

Five Reasons to go with a Direct Lender.

A direct lender or broker. Some individuals are unaware of the distinctions between the two and which choice is preferable.

1) It’s easy

The primary distinction is that a direct lender originates the loan while a mortgage broker acts as a go-between for the customer and the direct lender. This is comparable to purchasing a thing wholesale as opposed to retail. There are several benefits to obtaining a loan directly from a lender instead of a mortgage broker.

2) Time-saving

A direct lender often has its internal underwriting and processing team, which may save a customer time. If a direct lender has a processing team, they will need to send the file for at least underwriting when dealing with a mortgage broker. This might spell the difference between receiving approval in a few weeks or 45 days.

3) More Modularity

Mortgage brokers cannot make choices independently since they lack a team dedicated to underwriting. Additionally, unlike a lender, they won’t be able to waive costs or specific papers. Often, a lender may be more accommodating by providing the customer with benefits like lender credit or eliminating processing costs.

4) No Additional Steps

As was previously indicated, a mortgage broker acts as a middleman and must submit a file to a lender for evaluation, adding additional procedures. By choosing a direct lender, a customer goes directly to the person who examines and authorizes the paperwork.

5) Lower Fees

You will pay processing and origination costs whether you choose a direct lender or a mortgage broker. But if you use a mortgage broker, you will almost certainly pay more since the broker will bill you extra fees for their services in addition to the costs the direct lender would take.

A broker may also advocate for a particular program or lender to increase compensation since they shop around with several lenders. The customer may potentially pay a higher rate as a result of this.

Here are six additional benefits of using a direct mortgage lender instead of a broker.

Working with a Direct Mortgage Lender Has These Six Benefits


A direct lender is often authorized to provide mortgages in the majority, if not all, of the 50 states. There may be problems if you buy a home where the mortgage broker is not licensed since many mortgage brokerages are only permitted in a select few jurisdictions. You may be able to qualify for a more extensive range of loans from direct lenders, providing you with more alternatives when looking for a loan to purchase a house.


The rules established by the specific lender are binding for mortgage brokers. To get your business, the broker cannot decide to disregard particular standards. Both must adhere to government program criteria, although direct lenders have the discretion to waive certain restrictions and costs in specific situations.


Every lender assesses some costs for handling a mortgage; nevertheless, mortgage brokers often charge more significant fees than direct lenders.

Asking about all loan-generating costs before choosing one firm over another is crucial when determining whether to engage with a mortgage broker or a lender.


Everything is conducted internally with a direct lender. Robotics and digital processes are well-suited to spot errors and perform computations, leading to quicker turnaround times. With digital advantages, direct lenders like WCM can exceed the industry average closing time by 15%. Compare this to a broker without control over your loan or money distribution!


It’s a widespread misperception that mortgage brokers may provide lower rates than those offered by direct lenders. In actuality, the secondary market determines all mortgage rates, which implies that each lender bases interest rates on the same data. For people wanting to purchase or refinance a property, economic indicators such as the 10-year Treasury yield and mortgage rates, for instance, will have a more significant impact than a mortgage broker vs. a lender. Be careful to evaluate closing fees when you choose between working with a mortgage broker and a lender. You may be significantly saved by this action alone. With a mortgage rate quotation from WCM, you can decide for yourself!

Customized Solutions

The goods that earn a mortgage broker commission may be highlighted even if various lenders offer them.

Direct lenders often use a more individualized approach. They prioritize getting you exceptional loan terms and alternatives while putting your needs ahead of their own. We have several different lending packages available at PaydayPact. To provide a customized loan solution that meets your demands and lifestyle, our loan officers go above and above by taking the time to understand your financial objectives and aspirations.

What to Expect from PaydayPact?

PaydayPact Mortgage can provide top-notch customer service, a wide range of loan options, reasonable mortgage rates, and affordable closing charges that aren’t possible with conventional lenders and mortgage brokers. This is made possible by the power of digital advantages. Our technological assets are at your disposal, making the whole process — one that you never thought could be so quick.


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