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Jamie Johnson is a freelance writer with a focus on business and finance who lives in Kansas City. She covers a wide range of personal finance themes, including credit card creation and construction, as well as personal and student loans. Her work has been featured in Business Insider, CO by the United States Chamber of Commerce, GOBankingRates, and Yahoo! Finance, in addition to contributing articles for PaydayPact.

Payday Loans That Accept Chime – Best 5 Cash Advance Apps

Many lenders will accept chime when you get a payday loan, even if you have an account on an online banking site linked to Chime. This means that you must locate the best lender for the payday loan. Some lenders do not offer loans using the option of an account with a bank online.

The payday loan is a distinct kind of cash advance loan. You can borrow money from a payday lender and repay them at the time of your next payday. Thus, these loans are also known by the name payday loans.

They can assist you in times of need. This will allow you to make it through the month without difficulty. In the same way, you can also get payday loans that work with Chime bank accounts.

Payday advance apps provide consumers with greater flexibility and affordability than payday loans.

But, you must determine the best option in payday cash loans. Certain payday loan lenders are predatory and can leave you in payday loan debt. Some payday lenders offer more moderate guidelines.

The top-rated cash-flow loans which accept Chime can be:

  • The Dave App
  • Fig Loans
  • Money Lion
  • Klover
  • Albert

Dave App

Dave App is a great way to obtain a quick-term cash advance. If you’re stuck and need cash. Online payday loans are a great option. In addition, they are helpful if you need additional money for the weekend.

To begin, you need first to be approved for your account. Once you’ve been approved and you’re permitted to withdraw cash up to the amount of $75 per time. In addition, you’ll need to provide the details of your bank account to get confirmation.

The authorities in charge will scrutinize your checking account to ensure that you have an ongoing direct deposit salary.

Why should you pick the Dave App? They do not charge interest. Furthermore, the rules are more flexible as compared to other lending institutions. So, you can get a cash advance loan and enjoy the benefits until your next payday.

But, you can make the “tip” for the business if you’re satisfied with their services.

You could save up to 500 USD annually by signing up for your Dave cash advance App membership. In addition, you can avail yourself of as much as $200 in cash advances and loans with no fees. There is currently an average of 10 million daily chime users.

The top pros of Dave App:

  • No interest
  • Free Budgeting Tools for Budgeting
  • Minimum Membership Fees
  • Low Limit of Withdrawal
  • Low Balance Alerts
  • Simple Requirements for Eligibility

Fig Loans

Fig is a loan provider who only lends money for a short time. They offer loans from $350 up to $700. If you can pay for your expenses in time, payday loans may be a good option.

The terms of repayment vary for each customer. They typically last from 4 and 6 months. The loan amount determines the duration of the repayment period.

Fig Loans doesn’t charge any extra costs. Additionally, the company boasts an APR of 190% compared to the 662% APR of other lending institutions. There is also the option of making monthly payments over a pay period of six months.

At present, the company has a 4.8-star score on Trustpilot. Here are the top advantages for Fig Loans:

  • Flexible Credit Reporting (obtain consumer reports)
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Simple Repayment Options
  • 190 Percent Approval Rate
  • Credit Building Features

Cleo Payday Loans

Cleo is a fantastic financial app that every person should try at least once. It is a basic application to track your finances for everyday users. It assists in planning your finances and keeping track of your expenditure.

In addition, you can create an account for only 6 dollars per month. In addition, you can link it to your bank account or checking card.

Cleo’s algorithm can keep track of your spending for you. This means it will inform you when you’re wasting money or exceeding your cash advance limit. Cleo also provides a product known as ” Cleo Cover” along with financial planning.

It is possible to get an advance loan that ranges from $50 to $1000 when you’ve signed up as a subscribing member. Similar to a bank, overdraft fees are more costly than the fee for membership of $6.

The cost of a bank overdraft is usually higher than $35. Therefore, Cleo is a more affordable and quicker option for cash advance apps that work with Chime. The top pros of Cleo:

  • Expenditure Tracking Features
  • No Credit Checks
  • No interest
  • Credit Building Options
  • Budget Alerts
  • Quick Application Process

Money Lion

Money Lion, located in New York, is an electronic financial institution. They’re forward-thinking and have a wide range of products. They also place a focus on equality at work.

This alone is enough reason to place your trust in their services. Money Lion also provides a credit-building option. It can also be used as a payday loan or personal loan that can be repaid with Chime for a short period.

Money Lion does offer a unique variant of interest-free payday loans. This option is available only to customers who bank through the company. The mobile banking service is provided via the business. However, the service is not compatible with Chime.

You’ll need to sign up for Money Lion’s credit building card if you already have an account with Chime. It’s a credit card that has a low credit limit. It is possible to pay for the card in monthly installments. Let’s take a look at the most critical benefits of Money Lion:

  • Credit Builder Loans at 5.99 APR
  • Fast Application to Payday Advances
  • APR 0% for Quick Loans
  • Free Payday Loans Account to use
  • A Free Dollar Each Day When you use the app

The Klover Payday Loan

The Chime accounts are in good condition if you’ve had them for at least 90 days. Klover will offer the possibility of a payday loan of as much as $250.

The funds will be transferred to your Chime account as soon as the company receives them. But, you have to prove that you’ve had at least three direct deposit paychecks consecutively.

Klover’s main advantage is that they’re able to lend larger amounts of money. However, there are some disadvantages. One of them is that their acceptance criteria are higher.

However, Klover offers one of the top payday loans, Chime. You will enjoy the following advantages with Klover:

  • No interest
  • Monetary Trend Alerts
  • No Credit Check
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Overspending Analysis Tools
  • Payday loans for quick paydays within 1-2 Business Days


Albert is a bit similar to The Dave App. In addition, Albert is a profitable payday advance business. The process of approving payday loans is easy. All you need to do is enter your private bank account details and then authorize Albert to validate your information.

Albert is also a money management app that analyzes your income and spending habits, recommends savings and budgets, and transfers savings to a connected digital wallet.

They’ll review the details of direct deposits. This is needed so that Albert can verify that you get regular monthly payments. Then they’ll then be able to approve payday loans, which they’ll direct to Chime.

There aren’t bad credit checks. Therefore, everyone can receive payday loans online within two working days. The top advantages of Albert Payday Loans:

What do we have to say?

If you’re looking for payday loans that will accept Chime, you are fortunate.

These companies offer the lowest interest rates. Additionally, they provide flexible payment options. Additionally, they have the most flexible terms. So, you can access a payday loan in the Chime savings account to take advantage of.

Payday Alternative Loans. If the financial institution provides you with a loan with a decent interest rate and suitable payback conditions, a bank or credit union is an excellent alternative.

It is essential to read the fine print before requesting a loan. This will help you avoid any problems down the line.


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Jamie Johnson

Jamie Johnson is a freelance writer with a focus on business and finance who lives in Kansas City. She covers a wide range of personal finance themes, including credit card creation and construction, as well as personal and student loans. Her work has been featured in Business Insider, CO by the United States Chamber of Commerce, GOBankingRates, and Yahoo! Finance, in addition to contributing articles for PaydayPact.