General Editorial Guidelines

We expect all editors and writers working at PaydayPact to comply with these guidelines when they write content.

Writers are accountable for the accuracy and reliability of the work that they produce. Verifying information and double-checking the accuracy of facts are essential.

Our editorial and writing team does not accept any kind of payment of any kind for reviews or positive content of vehicles or companies. We write what we are aware of. We take pride in writing truthful content. It’s what the readers deserve. Our team is comprised of over sixty years of experience within the lending business.

There may be some information that we aren’t aware of or that is subject to debate, and we’ll be transparent about it. Since our aim is to create consistent professional, and high-quality content, our team of writers is careful to employ fair language throughout every piece of work we write.

Authority, Corrections, & Accuracy

Our writers are committed to providing current, accurate, and accurate information that will give non-biased information to our readers so that they can make informed decisions that are based on their personal opinions.

If we receive a message about an error, we try our best to maintain the possibility in mind and try to do all possible to rectify the error. We also include a day at the very top of each page so that you can find out the date it was last changed.

The lending industry is always evolving. We keep a close eye on the market to ensure that the content is 100 % correct and current. Our content is scrutinized by loan industry experts to ensure accuracy.


Plagiarism is copying work from another and passing it on as your own. PaydayPact operates a zero-tolerance policy against plagiarism or any form of fabrication. Any violation of this policy could cause the termination of PaydayPact pending a review.

The editorial team has the discretion on what constitutes plagiarism, and fabricating of any kind is not tolerated. Every piece of PaydayPact content has to be written by an original author. Plagiarism can include but is not restricted to:

  • Copying or pasting content from a source on another website or into content to support PaydayPact.
  • Small modifications are not necessary or change to the content on other websites are.
  • Copywritten previously by an author for another website.

If we discover that the work was plagiarized from another website, the editorial team will be informed promptly so that we can correct the issue. To protect against plagiarism, we utilize Grammarly as well as other third-party software to verify our content prior to publication.


Our writers don’t use slang language or other inflected words. A simple phrase used by one person might be an insult to someone else, and we try in a way to make our writing as diverse as we can. The usage of profanity is not permitted in the context of PaydayPact.

We recognize that loans can be confusing and overwhelming. This is why we try all we can to produce content that is able to connect with individuals aged 16 to 86. We aim to write in an easy language that everyone is able to comprehend.

Jeff Gitlen

Jeff Gitlen is a graduate of the Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics at the University of Delaware. Gitlen has spent the past five years writing and researching on personal finance issues which include credit cards, student loans insurance, and other. His writing has been featured in top news publications among them are Bloomberg, CNBC, Forbes along with Market Watch.