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Iowa has a maximum loan amount of $500 for payday loans or cash advances. The loan might be for up to 31 days.

The financing charges should not exceed $15 on loans over $100. It shouldn’t exceed $10 for each $100 that follows. The APR is 337 percent. Rollovers can’t be done.

The payday lending market in Iowa is relatively flexible in the regulations it adheres to. The business has operated within the same guidelines for quite a long time, and there aren’t any significant changes that need to be implemented soon.

Iowa Payday Lending Statutes from Paydaypact

The business of payday lending firms is governed by state law, including Iowa Code Ann. SS 533D.One et seq. or delayed Deposit Services Licensing Act.

Any lender who wishes to operate in the state must comply with the rules.

There are specific laws concerning this issue that require that borrowers sign a complete contract in English and Spanish which contains all the information regarding payday loans and fees, repayment terms and conditions, and other data.

The contract must be written in simple English, and the contender’s contact details and an emergency number can be called to inquire about any concerns or questions.

If the above requirements are fulfilled, the application for a cash advance is deemed legal. The borrower is also required to provide the lender’s contact details to the lender.

How Do Paydaypact Loans Work in Iowa?

The lender provides you with money via a Payday loan. A personal check or the ability to have money withdrawn from your bank account is exchanged for the lender’s services. At a later period, generally on the following payday, the lender may cash your check or take money out of your bank account on behalf of the lender.

In Iowa, payday loans are permitted.

Payday loans in Iowa are restricted to a maximum of $500. The maximum number of days a borrower may have a loan is 31. No more fees should be added. The APR is 337 %. There will be no rollovers.

In Iowa, payday lending has had relatively lax rules of operation. For years, the business has been governed by the same set of regulations, and it doesn’t seem that anything will change very soon.

Paydaypact laws and regulations regarding payday lending.

In Iowa, IA, it is allowed to apply for a private payday loan. The bare minimum loan amount was not addressed in the legal norm. However, you are eligible for a $500 loan. Payday loans in Iowa may be taken out for six months. The financing procedure is subject to additional regulations on interest rates and costs.

A loan of $300 must have an interest rate of no more than 20%. There is an extra 7.5 percent fee if your loan is more than $300.

  • According to the law, you will not be penalized if you fully pay your debt before the due date.
  • You have the option of canceling your payday loan at a later date.
  • You may renew your Iowa payday loans just once.

Payday loans in Iowa, IA, have a new set of regulations as of January 1, 2019. Speak with your lender if you want to learn more about these guidelines.

What Are Iowa Requirements Required to Obtain Payday Loans from Paydaypact?

You must fill out an application to get a payday loan in Iowa.

  • The Social Security number
  • A piece of identification issued by the government
  • Maintaining a current account
  • You must have been employed for three months to submit your employment information (email and phone number).
  • Income evidence: a pay stub, bank statement, etc.

Can I Get a Loan from Paydaypact Even Though I Am Not an Iowa Resident?

The correct response is “no.” These payday loans are reserved only for residents of the state of Iowa. If you are still interested in obtaining a cash advance, you should investigate the availability of payday loans in your location.

Is the sum of cash available for lending that is made available to Iowans, Iowa

  • By the law of Iowa, The borrower will not be permitted to receive more than $500 in the type of 500 loans.
  • A maximum of two outstanding online loans per day is allowed.

Paydaypact’s Pricing, Additional Costs, fees, and other charges in Iowa

  • A lender can’t charge more than 15 dollars for loans within $100- zero in finance charges.
  • Additionally, it can cost an additional $10 for every 100 dollars following the first.
  • The price of financing will be $16.67 100 dollars over two weeks.

The most popular term for a payday loan in Iowa

  • The loan’s most extended duration is when the loan is due to be paid back within 31 calendar days.
  • The rollovers (also known as extensions) are not permitted, and the borrower must pay the entire payment within the specified time frame.

What Happens if I Cannot Make the Payment from my Paydaypact Loan by the Due Date?

It is essential to keep in mind that there is a grace period associated with payday loans if you take out one of thesYoulity. You must first inform your lender to take advantage of this possible situation.

In Iowa, How Many Payday Loans Are You Allowed to Take Out from Paydaypact?

In Iowa, you’re limited to two cash advances every month. But Paydaypact advises against accepting many loans at once. The high-interest rate on this form of loan puts you in danger of falling into a debt trap if you can’t pay it back.

In Iowa, How Much Can I Get Through a Payday Loan at Paydaypact?

According to Iowa, the maximum payday loan Iowa n amount is $500. There is a 31-day grace period on loans. Paying on time helps avoid late fees and penalties since extensions and rollovers are not permitted.

What kind of credit score do I need to have before I can get a Paydaypact loan?

Payday loans in Iowa may be obtained even with a poor credit history. Due to low credit history, many consumers prefer to utilize this alternative instead of a bank. When it comes to payday lenders in Iowa, they don’t care about your credit score.

Paydaypact Consumer Information


In July 2020 and beyond, from then on, payday lenders will no longer be required to assess the ability of the borrower to pay back loans.

Beware. Take the time to review your financial situation and ensure you don’t get into financial distress.

The rule was amended in the CFPB.

  • A direct lender is permitted to charge no more than fifteen dollars for a cost if insufficient and any costs associated with checks not returned.
  • The current law in Iowa is that the State of Iowa has no specific guidelines on the penalties for criminals who default on payments. One thing that is not permitted is that reputable lenders can’t threaten the lender with criminal charges or another method.

Additional details about payday or installment loans in Iowa can be found on the official site of the Iowa Division of Banking.

You can make an investigation to your local Division of banking in case of fraud of any kind that the lender commits.


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